MicroVisionChain (MVC), a high-performance Bitcoin layer 2 chain, is celebrating its first anniversary since the mainnet launch. MVC, which utilizes UTXO and PoW consensus, is renowned for its high performance, low fees, and decentralization. Its native coin, SPACE, is a top 3 PoW chain in terms of hash rate and uses the same SHA256d mining algorithm as Bitcoin, making Bitcoin ASICs usable for mining space.

A Year of Milestones

MVC’s journey began with a fair launch on January 26, 2023, with no presale, VCs, ICO, IDO, or IPO. It’s a purely community-driven project.

Key Development Milestones:

  • UTXO layer 1 Turing complete Smart Contract
  • Revolutionary BVM (Bitcoin Virtual Machine)
  • 1:1 Satoshi Mapping soon to act as a Bitcoin Sidechain
  • Node upgrade (Jul 2023) for enhanced performance
  • Lightning-fast 10,000+ TPS and instant transaction speed thanks to zero confirmation technology.
  • $0.01 gas fees paid with $SPACE, paving the way for Bitcoin micropayments.
  • MVC-20 – The first free-mint protocol built on Bitcoin sidechain 
  • UTXO layer 1 on-chain DAO voting contract

Key Ecosystem Achievements:
[By various DAO developers]

  • Orders_exchange
  • Mvcswap
  • MVCbridge to OP, ARB & ETH
  • Three types of wallets across [IOS, Android and Chrome]
  • MVCscan & Indexer upgrade
  • Show3: A decentralized discord with NFT Market and Metaname

Other Noteworthy Achievements:

  • Mining Dutch: listed #space https://mining-dutch.nl
  • F2pool listed #space https://x.com/f2pool_official/status/1750463014678188471?s=20
  • Hashrate ranked 3rd after $BTC
  • Listed on eight Tier 2 & Tier 3 CEX https://t.me/mvcofficialannouncement/54
  • Featured in a Cointelegraph exclusive interview [Free of charge] https://x.com/mvcglobal/status/1733147515074343002?s=20
  • Token-2049 partnership with CoinW
  • Successfully completed audit
  • Launched three DEX – RocketXexchange, MVCswap & OrdersExchange
  • Integrated AI bot with PaalMind

DAO Progress:

  • Established DAO constitution
  • Formed Committee and DAO positions
  • Media coverage on Cointelegraph, Bitcoin.com and various western media around 6 months
  • Media coverage on Odaily [Eastern Exposure]
  • Two more Top 5-10 CEX listings coming in 2024 Q1

Looking Ahead

In February 2024, MVC will focus on “Building Together,” which includes drafting builder grants proposal for committee review and amendment advise + Public notification (4 – 5 days), On-Chain Proposal (7 Days), and kickstarting the Builder Grant Program.

Join us as we continue to revolutionize Bitcoin!

Website: https://www.microvisionchain.com/