San Francisco, a city with a respected hip-hop scene that has spawned rappers like Too Short and Mac Dre, has produced another star: “Bitcoin rapper” CoinDaddy.  The 28-year-old behind CoinDaddy, Arya Bahmanyar, left a career in commercial real estate after he said he made a small fortune in Bitcoin.

CoinDaddy: Bitcoin Rapper

CoinDaddy makes rap music about driving Lamborghinis, “slinging coin,” and indulging an urge to check the price of Bitcoin on his phone while he’s having sex. For some, his style of hip-hop may be an acquired taste, but if you’re a crypto-enthusiast there’s a lot to like.

Bahmanyar, who worked as a successful commercial real estate agent, switched career directions after claiming he made a million dollars trading Bitcoin. Bahmanyar, as CoinDaddy, now spends his time writing and performing songs for his Youtube channel, and lives off the earnings he has made trading cryptocurrencies.

According to the self-described Bitcoin millionaire, Bahmanyar hopes to turn his hobby into an entertainment brand, bringing cryptocurrency culture mainstream.

CoinDaddy’s Music

After creating a hilarious parody meditation tape that told listeners to breathe “bit” in and exhale “coin” out, following a string of bad trades, Bahmanyar had a revelation: “I’m going to make songs that aren’t that good,” Bahmanyar said he thought to himself.

His concept strings together crypto slang, like “HODL” and “mooning,” and name-drops iconic crypto figures. In “Holding The Bag,” for example, CoinDaddy mentions several cryptocurrencies and boasts of buying the dips:

“I’m closing in the profit while you’re reaching for pips / You’re coming up short while I’m buying your dips.”

The song goes on:

“Apartment’s looking like the Palace of Versailles / Long position riding on an all time high / If you want the ride, and you want the riches / Then buy more coin and get the b*****s.”

Another more recent release from CoinDaddy, “Alt Season (Where The Money At?)” sees the rapper expanding his horizons, name-dropping altcoins like IOTA and Monero.

According to Bahmanyar, who spoke with Business Insider, the idea was to create music that holds a mirror to the crypto community, aiming to comfort investors in times of volatility, and self-congratulate when the price of coins soar.

How did Bahmanyar make his money?

In 2013, Bahmanyar was a recent graduate of George Washington University sharing an apartment with friends in New York City. After an unexpected encounter with a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts in a bar, Bahmanyar — who received an educational session on cryptocurrency from his new friends — poured his savings into Bitcoin.

Years passed, and he checked the price of Bitcoin almost daily. His parents asked him to undo his investment, calling Bitcoin a scam and referring to it as “magic internet money.” Fortunately, for the most part, prices just kept going up.

“I just held,” Bahmanyar said.

In mid-2017, Bahmanyar’s enthusiasm had waned slightly, but that changed when, after not checking cryptocurrency prices for four months, Bahmanya discovered that Bitcoin had shot up to $6,000 per coin. He was visiting family in Europe but decided to pack up immediately and head home.

“I was like, ‘What? I love you but not that much,’” he remembered saying.

Bahmanyar returned to the place he grew up — the San Francisco Bay Area — to be part of the action. Around this time CoinDaddy made his first appearances. 

For 2018, Bahmanyar plans to ramp up production of new videos and create songs that educate people who are new to cryptocurrency investing — like a “Bill Nye the crypto guy,” he said.

What advice does Bahmanyar/CoinDaddy offer to other Bitcoin investors looking to the future?

“Just hold. I’ve done pretty well so far.”