The government of the small European island nation of Malta has signed a partnership with Omnitude. The deal will see blockchain technology used to improve the country’s public transport network.

Malta Begin to Act Out Their Blockchain Strategy

Sticking with their earlier commitment to explore and embrace blockchain technology, the Maltese national government has today announced a partnership with enterprise blockchain platform creators Omnitude.

The Omnitude deal forms part of the island’s lawmakers’ wider blockchain strategy. The idea is to revamp various government sectors using the much-hyped technology. In a press release reported by Medium, Maltese Transport minister Ian Borg explained:

“Blockchain technology is a key part of our overall national technology strategy that will see us transform different sectors across government.”

Omnitude will be tasked with the role of modernising the public transport system of Malta. They will use the enterprise level platform that they’ve been developing to help improve the reliability of the island’s transport infrastructure.

Malta have been keen to encourage blockchain innovators. They announced earlier this year that they are committed to the technology and have approved a blockchain strategy. This makes them one of the first national governments to welcome such a scheme.

According to many analysts, the blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will be the catalyst for the next industrial revolution. If that holds true, nations such as Malta and Switzerland who are quick to embrace the technology could well emerge as the economic powerhouses of tomorrow.

During the press conference in which the Omnitude partnership was announced, Ian Borg also stated:

“We believe in Omnitude’s blockchain technology and its broad use-cases for the Government. We can see its potential in a range of government departments and it will form a cornerstone technology platform as part of our commitment to drive forward innovation. It will improve the quality of life and enhance access to information for Maltese citizens. Blockchain technology is a key part of our overall national technology strategy that will see us transform different sectors.”

Meanwhile, Omnitude themselves seem equally excited about the deal. Their CEO and founder, Chris Painter, commented on Malta’s progressive government, as well as their commitment to helping their new partners to explore the possibilities presented by the successful implementation of a blockchain ecosystem in government.

For Omnitude, the Malta partnership isn’t the only piece of positive news to occur in recent weeks. Earlier this month they announced a deal with Williams Martini Racing. The blockchain company are hoping to prove how their platform can streamline many aspects of the running of a successful Formula One team. It also represents the first deal of such a nature in the sport of Formula One.