Recently, ETmeta platform version 1.0 is officially launched. Mr. Alexander Smith, CEO of the ETmeta platform, unveiled a brand-new model for sports participation, allowing every sports enthusiast the opportunity to enjoy the games while earning substantial economic benefits.

Mr. Smith stated, «We understand that sports are not just competitions but also a culture and a way of life. That’s why we created the ETmeta platform, aiming to revolutionize the traditional sports market model and provide sports enthusiasts with a metaverse platform to participate in and enjoy economic benefits».

According to Mr. Smith, since its launch, the ETmeta platform has quickly gathered and solidified a large fan base. In the 1.0 phase, the platform provided a wide range of sports services and sports quant funds, allowing users to receive the latest sports news while also experiencing substantial returns from ET company’s mature and profitable core products. This strategy not only increased user engagement but also laid a solid foundation of fans for the subsequent construction of the metaverse.

As the ETmeta platform enters its second phase, Mr. Smith revealed that the platform will issue NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as equity certificates for the metaverse. These NFTs will represent ownership of items, skills, and scenes within the metaverse, providing real value to users’ activities in the virtual world.

Mr. Smith further explained, «We are adopting an open community co-creation model, transforming various elements of the metaverse into NFTs. This allows community members to gain governance rights and future revenue shares in the metaverse through minting NFTs. This innovative economic model will inject new vitality into the sports industry, bringing limitless possibilities and opportunities».

In the ETmeta metaverse, the tokens spent on items used by players will be directly returned to the respective NFT holders. This means that every NFT holder will participate in the metaverse’s economic ecosystem, sharing in the economic benefits brought by sports. This shared economic model will truly enable sports enthusiasts to engage economically and achieve mutual benefits.

Mr. Smith is full of confidence about the future of the ETmeta platform. He stated, “After accumulating and consolidating our efforts in the first two phases, we have attracted a large user base and built a community with a strong sense of consensus. With the official launch of the metaverse, we will join hands with our users to usher in a new era of the sports ecosystem, witnessing the deep integration of sports and technology, and together creating infinite possibilities for the future.”

At the end of the interview, Mr. Smith extended a heartfelt invitation to all sports enthusiasts: “The ETmeta metaverse belongs to everyone who loves sports and has dreams and creativity. Let’s explore this new world full of opportunities and challenges together, and create a new economic era for sports enthusiasts!”

As the ETMeta platform continues to grow and expand, it will become a shining example of the fusion between sports and technology, offering sports enthusiasts unprecedented participation experiences and economic returns. In this metaverse full of endless possibilities, everyone has the potential to become a participant and beneficiary of the sports industry, collectively shaping a fresh chapter in the sports industry.