Ramp Network, the financial technology company building payment rails connecting crypto to the global financial system, has announced the launch of global on-ramp for the Telos blockchain’s native $TLOS token, including in the U.S.

With support for $TLOS on-ramp, users in more than 150 countries worldwide, including 37 U.S. states, can acquire $TLOS tokens using a number of familiar fiat payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PIX, with payments supported in more 40+ global currencies.

By becoming one of the first major crypto on-ramps to support direct fiat to $TLOS transactions, Ramp is significantly boosting accessibility to the Telos blockchain and demonstrating its commitment to supporting the rapidly growing Web3 gaming ecosystem in particular.

Quote from Ramp “We are thrilled to integrate $TLOS into our global on-ramp offering, making it easier for users across 150+ countries to engage with the Telos blockchain. This step reinforces our dedication to bridging the crypto and traditional financial systems, and significantly boosts the accessibility of Web3 gaming through Ramp,” said Szymon Sypniewicz, CEO of Ramp.

Quote from Telos “Telos is fundamentally designed for speed and scalability, and our integration with Ramp enhances this ethos by delivering a seamless fiat-to-crypto solution. This collaboration not only empowers our users with effortless and rapid transactions, but it also aligns perfectly with our vision of a frictionless blockchain experience. Through Ramp, we are opening the doors to global access, ensuring everyone can benefit from our future-ready blockchain’s low fees and lightning-fast capabilities, all within a simplified user-experience process. This integration is a significant step towards a future where the transition between crypto and fiat is not just achievable but a streamlined, everyday reality.” ~Lee Erswell, CEO of the Telos Foundation

Telos is a third-generation blockchain based on a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that aims to become the default decentralized network for Web3 gaming while simultaneously supporting a dynamic DeFi ecosystem. It is home to a growing universe of decentralized applications, including blockchain games, NFTs, decentralized exchanges, DeFi protocols, and more, where the $TLOS token plays a pivotal role. According to CoinMarketCap, $TLOS had a market capitalization of $73,108,048 as of January 26, 2024.

The Telos blockchain provides some significant advantages and capabilities that set it apart from other decentralized networks, with one of the most notable being its support for a blazing-fast 15,200 transactions per second. It also boasts incredibly low fees, with an average gas cost of less than $0.001. This high efficiency, combined with its incomparably low fees, makes Telos the most suitable platform for a range of dApps where such capabilities are of paramount concern to users.

Thanks to its cutting-edge DPoS consensus mechanism, Telos lays claim to being the world’s fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain, and it has plans to become even faster with the deployment of one of the industries’ first Zero Knowledge rollup networks. This development underscores Telos’ commitment to not only efficiency and scalability, but also privacy, and vastly enhances the utility of the $TLOS token. Meanwhile, the DPoS model makes Telos one of the most energy-efficient blockchains and fully ESG compliant, in accordance with the growing demand for more environmentally sustainable blockchain networks.

Telos’ superior efficiency and sustainability have enabled it to grow into one of the most vibrant and diverse ecosystems in the blockchain industry, with a globally active community that plays a crucial role in its ongoing development and adoption. The inclusive nature of its blockchain infrastructure means $TLOS holders and developers alike have a significant influence on the network, both in terms of verifying and processing transactions and also governance. At the last count, Telos had 900,000+ user accounts, 160,000+ followers on social media, and more than 200 partner firms across 150+ countries.

With the launch of its $TLOS on-ramp, Ramp now supports fiat-to-$TLOS transactions in more than 150 countries directly through the Ramp widget. In addition, $TLOS can also be purchased via hundreds of third-party dApps that have integrated Ramp’s on-ramp via its developer API.

As one of the top fintech infrastructure providers in the crypto space, Ramp is helping millions of consumers access Web3 via its industry-leading on- and off-ramps that simplify the process of purchasing and selling digital assets. Using its native API, Ramp enables developers to directly integrate easy-to-use crypto on- and off-ramps within their dApps, ensuring fast and seamless crypto purchases. Ramp now supports over 100 digital assets, significantly reducing onboarding complexities for new users, as they no longer need to find a third-party platform to acquire the crypto assets they need.

About Ramp

Ramp is a financial technology company building solutions that connect the crypto economy with today’s global financial infrastructure. Through its core on- and off-ramp products, Ramp provides businesses and individuals across 150+ countries with a streamlined and smooth experience when converting between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Ramp is fully integrated with the world’s major payment methods, including debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

About Telos Foundation

Telos is a growing network of networks (Layer 0) enabling Zero Knowledge technology for ultimate scalability and privacy to support all industries and applications. The expanding Telos ecosystem includes over 1.2 million accounts, hundreds of partners, and numerous dApps. Launched in 2018 Telos is known for its impeccable five-year record of zero downtime and is home to the world’s fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine, the Telos EVM. Telos is positioned to lead enterprise adoption into the world of borderless Web3 technology and decentralized solutions.