Laser2, built on the Ethereum network by a team of experienced developers with a comprehensive roadmap, is bringing exciting new opportunities for both users and developers. For non-technical individuals and those with little knowledge of cryptocurrencies, in a nutshell, Laser2 is a playground where users can use Ethereum and stablecoins to earn extra rewards in conjunction with your favorite decentralized applications. When one holds Ether on the Ethereum network, one does not earn anything extra. By using Layer2, Ether – as well as stablecoins – automatically grows over time. This is referred to as ‘earning yield’ in Decentralized Finance.

There are a number of core features to Laser2 that are mentioned below:

  • Laser2 gives rewards of up to 5% annual percentage yield for Ether and stablecoins enabling users to earn passive income by staking their assets on the Laser2 platform.
  • By using Laser2 in order to earn yield, users can benefit from Laser2’s seamless integration with Lido and MakerDAO. Due to the nature of Decentralized Finance, the protocol automatically and in a decentralized way calculates the yield rewards without anyone manipulating the numbers.
  • Laser2 gives extra incentives for early adopters and early developers who will deploy on the platform after Laser2’s mainnet launch with airdrops both for users and developers. To stay up-to-date with airdrop news, join our community on Discord, X, or both.
  • Laser2 will soon launch its referral program allowing community members to earn additional yield based on the number on their individual referrals. Additionally, the community members will earn additional rewards based on the points of their referrals.
  • One of the eternal problems of the Ethereum network have been the high gas fees users pay for transactions. Laser2 manages to stand out by enabling the users to pay transaction fees not only in the ERC-20 token of their choice but also by providing the lowest fees among other peer L2 solutions currently on the market.
  • Developers can capitalize on Laser2’s Ethereum Virtual Machine toolkit to build and integrate their own dApps and smart contracts. The integration works seamlessly and offers a smooth and easy development experience.

The unique feature ofd Laser2 that makes it stand apart from the rest of the peer protocols offering yield is that Laser2 allows for Gas Revenue Sharing back to dApps programmatically. Developers are thus enabled to subsidize gas fees for users fostering a collaborative rather than competitive ecosystem when it comes to revenue generation.

Besides the benefits of Laser2 mentioned above, the Laser2 has a clear and comprehensive roadmap. The roadmap illustrates only the few things Laser2 has in store for 2024 and beyond and it serves to show Laser2’s launch roadmap. In the future Laser2 has plans to allow for integration with additional platforms and protocols in order to enhance the staking experience for the users as well as possibly allow for re-staking and liquid-staking among other plans.

To join Laser2, don’t hesitate to visit our Discord server and become part of our community and if you need help or more information in navigating Laser2.

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